The Reason Why I Always Wake up Early

This morning, my brother mentioned: “I don’t understand why you always wake up so early. You are your own boss, you can decide to stay in bed.”

Despite that my biological clock still thinks we are in Asia, I do always wake up early. The moment I wake up, I check my phone for instagram and new emails and I get out of bed to have breakfast. I told my brother that being my own boss is exactly the reason why I don’t stay in bed.

During my student days, I seriously could stay in bed until afternoon. I didn’t feel excited enough to prepare me for the day. Nowadays, it’s the other way around. I can’t stay in bed because I’m too excited to see what the day will bring.

Because I’m not really obliged to be somewhere or do something, it’s easier for me to actually do something useful. I’m so much more motivated when tasks are made up by myself, rather than by (another) boss. It feels more natural. It fits my personality better. I know it doesn’t work like this for everyone, but it might work the same for some of you, my dear readers.

Think about what kind of work style would fit you better. Before I started to online entrepreneur, I just felt that I could be really disciplined on something created by myself. I knew I would give everything to make it work. A certain power which I didn’t necessarily have during my studies and jobs. Does this sound familiar to you? I would definitely recommend going for this feeling! Easier said than done, obviously, but getting aware of it is the biggest step anyway.

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