Rehabilitate in Style

Rehabilitating from a broken leg and surgery means staying in a lot. Although I try to get out once a day, I’m quite tied up at home.

I’m used to be home a lot (my office is my home) but I still have an abundance of time. Which means I have a bit of extra time for things I normally don’t get the chance to do. Like reading. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has been on my list to read for a while and I finally started actually reading it. I love it already!

The Alchemist with a glass of red wine. So good. Rehabilitating or not: I always feel better when dressed up stylish haha. I was wearing patent leather pants by Zara (old collection) and an oversized grandpa blazer. Also my current favorite necklace by Fera Jewelry! Make sure to check out this jewelry brand. It’s by such a sweet girl I recently met in Bali! xx


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