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sheri-beryl-chain-ring_boyfriend-teesheriberyl chain ring distressed denim skirt

I visited Sheri Sanders in her atelier in Santa Monica during my stay in California this year. With a green tea in our hands, she showed me her jewelry pieces while we talked about our lives in Santa Monica and Amsterdam. Sheri had a successful career in fashion and textiles, but choose to start her own jewelry brand producing her own designs, SheriBeryl.

One thing I noticed right away is how Sheri’s jewelry pieces reflect nature. She’s clearly inspired by the formation of nature. Besides using obvious shapes of leaves and flowers, I found that she also reflects the organic shapes life comes with. The lines of life are ungraspable. They are not straight, but not necessarily round-shaped either. They are flowing and changeable and that’s something I found in Sheri’s jewelry design.

14K rose gold Huggie earrings

I was impressed by the Huggie earrings she showed me. They are quite simple pieces, but I didn’t really understand them. I found it hard to imagine how they would look like in one’s ear, because of the unique spiral shape. Not round or straight lined, but quite ungraspable, similar to the lines of life.

I like that Sheri also uses a lot of geometric shapes in her designs, which is quite the opposite of the lines I just discussed. A funny and interesting contradiction. This is also something I noticed in her interior which shows a lot of geometric shapes, but respects nature’s materials.

Silver bar ear climbers

Silver signet chain ring

I really like that Sheri’s designs are unique yet so simple. She gifted me one of the pieces and I choose the chain ring as it’s such an outstanding piece and super timeless (see top photos).


Sheri’s jewelry is available at her webshop and are sold at SALT on Abbot Kinney in Venice.



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