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harper bazaar brasil all white outfit grey felt slip ons

Bazaar Brazil

I’m rather a person holding a magazine than a bag. Have you noticed yet? ;) I’m having this habit to buy a Vogue or Harper Bazaar every foreign country I go. Depending on the cover, I […]

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striped boyfriend sweater zara white leather skirt simplistic outfit

Drinking Poison

  “HOLDING ONTO ANGER IS LIKE DRINKING POISON AND EXPECT THE OTHER PERSON TO DIE” – Buddha   DIY skirt Zara men’s sweater Reebok sneakers Von Lotzbeck bracelet SHOP SIMILAR

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grey quilted sweater minimalism fashion sao paulo Tao of Sophia


  “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelis   What I’m wearing and similar:

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  Blogging from Brazil today. It’s my third day in São Paulo. As I’m writing this, I’m having the most amazing view over the skyline of São Paulo, from my brother’s apartment. The amount of […]