The Moment of Inspiration

Some moments are beautiful, visually beautiful. You are walking down a road of raw nature, you feel the sun from reflections on the ocean on one side of your body, and have a view over white villages and red-colored volcanos on the other side. Palms are rising above luxury houses, and a slight breeze is making you feel perfectly pleasant. Still, you don’t feel the moment touching your soul. You’re like: “It’s beautiful, huh? Yes, I can’t agree more on that, it’s beautiful”. But that’s it. It’s just really really beautiful. You’re actually seeking for more, but being content with visually beautiful, you just keep on walking.

After having strolled for a while, different thoughts start to pop up in your head. Internal conversations which make your feel grateful. Or new ideas which make you feel creative. The perfect song just started playing from your shuffle list and a person walking by gave you an unexpected smile. It’s the moment you want to do something. Do something with the excitement and energy you feel. It’s the moment of inspiration and feeling the power to conquer the world.

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