The Story Behind My Studio

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Warning. If you can’t handle some spacey talk, stop reading here. This post is going to be quite idealistic and dreamy 😉

I had such a weird experience two weeks ago. I couldn’t sleep for almost a whole night (a rare situation for me, I can normally sleep everywhere & anytime), just because I had a fantasy about having a huge workspace. The visualization felt so strong, and somehow realistic too, that I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea. It felt like everything was falling into place: the things I’ve been doing the last years, together with the things I want to do in the future. This imaginary studio was going to be the thing I needed to pursue my dreams.

While I was counting imaginary sheep, ideas were spontaneously popping up in my head. After hours of puzzling, one image of my dream studio remained in my head. Including a concrete floor, walls of windows,  many square meters and different corners for the things I want to do in it. Somehow I had a strong visualization of some pillars, but I wasn’t exactly sure why I was focussing on those god damn pillars.. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep of excitement. This night felt so weird.

The next morning I talked about it with my surroundings. I know I must have sound like a maniac. And while listening to the reaction of my surroundings, the strong feeling I got that night, quickly turned into something surreal. I’m aware of this effect people can have on me. It seems like I’m much more dreamy, and less realistic, than most other people. Anyway, because I was conscious of the fact that I was about to lose my dream, I was able to hold on more tight to it. I called a anti-squatting business that morning, and it was an instant hit. I could visit an awesome workspace of 300m2 the next day. The company said like “we currently have a space in … of blabla.. buuuut it might not be right for you, because it has a concrete floor”. Are you kidding me?

After visiting the workspace the next day, I immediately signed contract and moved things in that night. Everything was going extremely smooth. I created my desk with a wooden surface (love the white paint on it), a coffee table of a cigarettes tile and some other furniture of pellets. All found in another room of the building (did I tell you I’m the only one in the newly built, 18 floors building?). And I love how it turned out. Industrial mixed with some nature and tropical elements, with a clear focus on fashion. Remember the inspirational post I did last month “Raw Tropical Interiors“? Quite comparable in my eyes.

This studio feels like Tao of Sophia offline.

I’m not writing this all in order to brag about my luck, but I hope to inspire you to not give up on your dreams. This sentence came out really cliche, but really.. The thing is that dreams can feel realistic (although they are antonyms of each other in our language). I believe in the magic behind having a dream. Of course, realistic thinking prevents us from pitfalls. But in my opinion, people often are too realistic.. How do you feel about this? Do you understand what I’m talking about? The strong feeling behind having a dream?


“Those who will don’t believe in magic will never find it”

P.S. Guess what the space contains? PILLARS!

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