Tranquility of Southern Living

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Here I am, blogging from my Portuguese balcony with an unbelievable view over the ocean. It’s the moment I’ve been longing for the past few weeks. Desires can be tricky. At least for me. I am good in imagining joyfully future moments. And I can soak up the enthusiasm before the moment is even there. It often happens to me that when the dream finally becomes reality, I am already used to the idea. This is kinda what happened when I got my studio, and right now.. yeah I’m kinda used to the idea of living in a Southern place, but it doesn’t take away the joy. Not at all. I’m getting more sure of my love for warmer cultures. I’m currently looking over the ocean and upon a white village as we speak. My hair feels dry of the salty air, and my skin is slightly tingling because of the sun it got today. My friend, who will be here two weeks, is creating a bbq and I’m gonna make sangria in a minute. Don’t know how to put it differently than that I just love live here! And what I love in relation to my blog, is that it’s so photogenic here. I see great places to use as backgrounds for shoots on almost every corner. My eyes are mostly attracted to cracked, broken walls and ruinous buildings. Me and my friend walked down the staircase shown on above photos this morning and were surprised by authentic Portuguese living we felt. The echos of Portuguese shouting out of houses, clothing hanging to dry, and well.. the tranquility of Southern living.


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