Ubud Rice Fields

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Ubud, Bali | the 28th of September

I arrived in Ubud yesterday. It’s a small Balinese city known from its rice fields, yoga, creativity and spirituality. Back in Amsterdam- I knew I would love this place- and I do. I heard myself stating ‘it to be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been’ to my friend yesterday. Not necessarily out comparison or to create an opinion, but purely out of enthusiasm. That’s exactly why I like to travel- to have these moments of amazements. For me, these moments are most often related to culture differences. Like I can’t keep on being astonished by brazilian favelas. It doesn’t often happen with nature though. But when my friend and I just randomly walked into these beautiful rice fields yesterday.. I got that energetic moment of amazement. Still these ubud rice fields are very much paired with culture and human behaviour, obviously.

We are planning to rent a scooter today- to visit some rice terraces. I can’t even imagine..

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