When an Unfortunate Situation Turns Out to be Pretty Fortunate

I was sort of settling down in Bali those months before my bike accident. I worked on my home’s interior, bought a retro Honda bike and I was trying to find ways to get a permanent working visa in Indonesia. I was sure: Bali is the place I feel home and where I want to be. Nothing but a broken leg could pull me back from the island.

After two pretty boring months, I feel like I’m back on track. I booked my flights back to the island last night. A round trip this time. Two months Bali and then I will get back to Europe. You know what? Maybe I was trying to hold on to Bali too much, in a way that wasn’t realistic. I was disliking my birthplace more and more. I’m so happy that I overcame this hatred feeling. Now it actually feels good to have a better mix of ambitious-Amsterdam and relaxing-Bali.

I also quit smoking on a daily basis for my knee surgery and I don’t even feel like starting again. It’s definitely one of the biggest wins the last couple of months. I never really considered quitting before, but I’m so happy that I did.

I got many new opportunities here in Amsterdam that I wouldn’t have had in Bali. Being here made me more ambitious and want to grow further. It also made me appreciate my life here more (accompanied with an appreciation for Bali). Like said before, I’m not sure if I believe in destiny, but I find it remarkable that an unfortunate situation like that happens to be pretty fortunate in the end.

Now I’m like.. why settling down? Keep it moving! I actually would love to live in different places again, just like I used to do one year ago: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albufeira, São Paulo, Lanzarote, Hoi An… (see here my travel memories). Ok, that was too much, but I would love to see a new place again.

I remember the feeling of sadness and resistance when I left Bali. I also had a lot of anger the first two months. But now, it feels like I was on the correct path all along.

Like always it all comes down to one thing: APPRECIATION.


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