Velvet Interior Inspiration

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blue velvet chesterfield sofa black framed carpet the edit interior

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glass bar cart alcohol bar blue velvet interior

grey velvet sofa tribal wallpaper greyish interior

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All of the sudden I find myself being velvet obsessed. My eyes are searching for velvet items in shops like Zara and Mango, but online on Pinterest and Instagram as well. I’m definitely not the only person experiencing this sudden focus on velvet. It’s one of trends going on this moment. I know, so unexpected from me, right. Remember the article I once wrote about my vision on the beauty behind trends?

Velvet can be tricky. How often have we seen this fabric gone badly wrong in other’s outfits. Velvet combined with glitters, fake diamonds, stiletto heels. I’m sure you get the image straight up on your head. Oh don’t forget about velvet mixed with bright colors. IEK. However, I always understood the charm of the fabric on its own. For me, velvet feels like chic and cool at the same time. Like a glass of wine and a cigarette, or something like that. These velvet interior inspiration photos are definitely showing it fits different interior styles.


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