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A few months ago, I got introduced with the Danish jewellery brand Von Lotzbeck. A brand representing beautiful, simplistic designs – always with a cool, edgy touch. I have been in contact with Marie von Lotzbeck for a while now. We feel like our styles are hitting it off, and so we thought it would be cool to do a Q&A with Marie on Tao of Sophia. Let’s find out the story behind Von Lotzbeck.

Can you describe Von Lotzbeck Jewellery in three words?
My style is quite simple, actually in everything that I do. I believe that a strong, simple design has the ability to stand out and be powerful. Von Lotzbeck Jewellery is classic, timeless, simple and graphic.

Jewellery design is your passion and you started making jewellery at age 9. Have you ever considered throwing yourself into another industry?
No, never. As far as I can remember, I wanted to be a jeweler and I have never had another dream. Why I did fall in love with jewellery making? That’s a question I have asked myself quite often. I guess it has to do with my self-belief and knowing everything will work out in one way or another. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Mostly in strong powerful personalities, architecture, and in my old family history. I get a lot of inspiration in the making of my models. I often work with paper. It gives a special feeling of something fragile and at the same time very powerful and strong. Many of my jewellery is inspired by New York´s amazing and impressive buildings and monuments. New York skyline is an icon full of admirable and stunning architecture and art deco is one of my favorites. The dominant lines and arcs, striving and stretching high into the sky and symbolizes a modern progress. This geometric style is magnificent, and remains timeless.

When designing new pieces/collections do you have specific type of women in your thoughts?
For me, jewellery designing is part of highlighting women’s individual strengths and style: to give them a piece of my story and a symbol of power, to belief in themselves and in what they do. All ages, and types of woman will highlight the cool, the rough, the feminine and the classic look – wearing my jewellery. Jewellery are great for styling when used at creating a new mood, one will quickly realize how easy it is to change an image wearing and mixing different jewellery.

There are a lot of different jewelry brands out there. What is the difference between Von Lotzbeck and the other brands?
The woman who wear Von Lotzbeck jewelry feels stylish, and she is aware of her conscious power. The noble family name von Lotzbeck can be traced 1200 years back in time. Marie draws much of her inspiration from her family history, and uses it to merge the past with the present in clean, graphic shapes. Nobility is more than being born into aristocracy. A noble upbringing means having a high moral and a deep respect for yourself as well as others. These virtues are not just for the noble, they are for everyone to possess and that is the message when Marie von Lotzbeck invites woman into the world of von Lotzbeck. The design is delicate, simple, classic and powerful at the same time. 

What is the recurring signature line in Von Lotzbeck Jewellery?
Each jewellery has strong graphic expression, and each piece of jewellery is a graphic sculpture in itself. Von Lotzbeck Jewellery are modern classics. Timeless lines win out over fleeting trends, but the jewellery is still striking in its simplicity. Sharp and soft, shiny and matte, exclusive and personal. All of my jewelry is delicious and comfortable to wear.

Thanks Marie, for  this interesting interview and telling the story behind your jewellery brand.

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