Why we Should Believe we Are The Results of Our Thoughts

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I got introduced with the term non-dualism in a philosophy documentary recently. I don’t want to describe the definition here, because that is exactly what it is not about (read here on Wikipedia). Actually.. it’s hard to say anything about it at all. It is rather an experience – without thoughts being involved. Trying to describe it would limit it, just because of how our thinking works.

However, the thing I found interesting to discuss here, is that they were stating that ‘you are not your thoughts‘. Also ‘your are not the product of your thoughts’ – which is a Buddhistic philosophy. It reminded me of some previous quotes of Buddha I showed on Tao of Sophia, such as ‘we are the result of all we have thought’. These sentences would suggest the opposite of each other, while it is both being said (and thought..) by one person – Buddha. So I thought (this word gets me distracted) about it the last few days, and I actually don’t think the meanings are excludable. It’s more like: we should believe we are the result of our thoughts, although it actually might be an illusion. Our experiences and feelings could never be totally expressed and described by our thoughts. It would never cover or include everything, you know?

“We should believe we are the result of our thoughts, although it actually might be an illusion.”


BUT what I find very important to say, maybe even the most important thing of all, is that I don’t think this illusion is negative. This illusions is the most positive thing you can strive for. Sounds weird: to see the positivity in likely (!) being wrong. Although we may be empty souls without any actual personality, it’s a good thing to believe that you are what you think you are. It means having control over who you want to be, and how you feel, in the sense of a creative process. It actually means the possibilities are endless; your personality is not defined, and you can be who you want to be. This is the thing I can get so excited about. And I think Buddha meant the same. But it might just be another thought (wink).

“This illusion is a positive thing to strive for.”


Amount of thoughts in this post: 999999


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