Do we Need More Real on Instagram?

With all eyes are on our Instagram accounts, skeptic eyes are bred. Eyes that sometimes inspires the minds but sometimes provokes the minds. I know several people clearly stating they “hate bloggers and vloggers”. Making harsh statements like that probably reveals a lot about the frustrations of that person, but I kinda do understand where the frustration comes from. If you follow the wrong accounts, you might end up having an Instagram feed full of the same-same, superficiality or some pretty bad narcissistic shit.

We need more real

In my article about annoyance at Instagram several months ago I wrote: “I think we might be scared for creating a world around us that’s just about popularity and status, which causes doubtful interactions with each other. I think we actually do crave authenticity and honest interactions.” Are our interactions on Instagram real? Or are we mainly acting from a motivation to boost our engagement? My friend recently posted on her Facebook timeline: “We don’t need more reality TV, we need reality in general. We need real as in really real, not staged and edited pics and videos.”

But what is real?

People crave authenticity. I’m not saying we all do, but it’s obvious lots of us want to see more real on Instagram. But the next question is: what is real? Which of your actions at Instagram is coming from a true self? And is the online persona you create different from the offline persona?

Is real really better?

Some like to create those perfect images you would dream away in (example: Noor). Others like to set a certain mood that makes you feel nostalgic or bring up emotions (example: Vanellimelli). Some of us like to keep things really pure (example: Freja). But whatever we create and show on our Instagram accounts, whether photoshopped or not, whether real or surreal: it is created from a vision, a dream or an ideology. All of the examples I just mentioned are a huge inspiration to lots of people. Inspiring us to live the lives we want to live.

So, I don’t think the real issue lies in how we create our content, and whether it’s real or not. But…

People can smell your intentions

Even on a digital thing as Instagram, people can smell your intentions. If you crave people to think you are pretty, or to envy your life, or to see how good you are, people will spot the ego. People will see through it, often unconsciously. When you act mainly from your ego, people will get annoyed or ignore you. When you act mainly from your ideology, people will dig whatever you do.

Don’t use your online persona to feed your ego. Use it to express your feelings, ideas, and dreams.


  • I couldn’t agree more, I personally think that almost nothing posted on Instagram is real. It adds up to follow for follows, likes for likes and most time small comments for you to comment back. I thought about this many times, but if I start saying that for example, today I feel depressed or sad, people won’t want to stick around much. Cause everyone wants to see happy, great photos and positive vibes. On another note, I love your blog(for real)!

    • Thanks for reading, appreciate it!!!

      What is real anyway? Whether online or offline, people do stuff in order to get something out of it. I’m not sure if that’s the issue. I think there is an issue with our egos though.

      And maybe even op Instagram it’s like people attract people. If you’re happy, happy people will like what you’re doing. Are you sad? Sad people will be attracted? Not sure, I’m just thinking… Anyhow, it’s quite a positive thing that people like to see optimistic things on IG, otherwise it would be hell of a moody social media hihi. xx

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