Why I Think Depression is Easier than Happiness

Seminyak, Bali | October 2015

We all get in touch with depression somehow. Through surroundings or maybe you have experienced depression yourself. Stopping the downward spiral and breaking the vicious circle might be the most important step to take, but probably also the hardest. I have often heard people saying “I simply can’t change my mindset”, or “that’s easy for you to say” when I try to help and change their mindset. I used to believe that there’s something in their mind I just couldn’t get into, and which I would (hopefully never) understand. So, while being left with a question mark, I often dropped the discussion.

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But I have been wondering lately… Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe the ‘easier talk’ is to stay in the (negative) vicious circle, rather than trying to break it and put positivity towards it. I might not understand depression deeply, but I do know I take the effort to stay away from negativity. It takes me energy and a certain focus in order to feel good, and although my happiness feels kinda infinite nowadays, happiness hasn’t been coming naturally. I consciously trained my mind to be positive.

“Maybe it is easier stay in the (negative) vicious circle, rather than trying to break it and put positivity towards it”

I think many people expect happiness to be easy-coming. I know I should be careful stating this, but maybe it’s depression that is actually more easy than happiness (in the sense that depression takes less effort to be in). Maybe it is some kind of laziness? It’s easier doing nothing. Or maybe the state feels more comfortable? It’s easier to stay in the familiar. Or the person is too stubborn to let go of anger? It’s easier to hold on to the anger, than trying to accept it.


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  • I totally agree with you on this one. Happiness is not only a state of mind it’s also a lifestyle. I think when you grow up in a family with optimist and grateful people you tend to naturally be happy even during the hardship of life. You need tools to be happy and the earlier you get them the better you know how to use them. However when you have been exposed to negative and depressed people for a long time (it can be family or simply toxic relationships) it really takes a toll on you. It’s extremely hard to get out of this depressed/negative mindset. You need to learn how to see life a different way and for some people it’s way too much work and change. It’s better to tell ourselves well I’m like that and life is like that etc… That’s why they say misery attracts misery. You can’t stay with positive people when you feel down like that. First you will suck the life out of them and second it’s kind of irritating to see these free spirits finding the best out of every situations. Overall I believe there is always a way to change but you need to feel so uncomfortable within yourself to actually act on it.
    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

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