Why I Want to Feel Like an Individual

Remember when I was talking about a minimal lifestyle and how I was longing to feel alone without possessions or surroundings. Whilst having traveled for several weeks now, with my stuff squished in a backpack and changing friends all the time, I still don’t know what it’s like to feel alone. However, it’s not necessarily about being alone. I think it’s rather a need to feel like an individual.

Since I need to receive products for collaborations, I need to go “home” every few weeks. I will be home next week for a small two weeks, before leaving to one of the Spanish islands ‘Lanzarote’. I know it’s gonna be quite hard keeping up with my friends every time I’m home for such a short period. Actually.. it’s simply not possible keeping up with all of them.

I’m writing this during breakfast at the home stay in Hoi An (Vietnam), where I have been the last ten days. I met a guy from Australia who has been traveling alone several years in a row. I asked him why he wants to feel as an individual. Taken my question very seriously, he came up with the next explanation.

“The act of individualism is encompassed by our freedom of actions. It allows us the opportunity be free willed and not be burden by the guilt of the norm.”

It made me realize that it’s about guilt for me too. Simply said: I want to feel free, and do whatever I want to do, without feeling guilt towards other people. Maybe that’s why the need is so strong because I can hardly let go of the guilt. Still even now.

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  • God girl. I can’t believe I am just discovering your blog now because I am simply obsessed with it. I am a believer that if blogs should exist it is with the only purpose to be a space that holds at least a piece of our thoughts. And you achieve that brillantly, I am in love with how you are able to share an idea and a concept with only two sentences and create the strongest impact!! Congrats girl, because the overall result (and not just your image) is outstanding!!!

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