Why we Shouldn’t be Afraid of Having a Bad Memory

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I have quite a bad memory and I think there is something interesting about it.

When I’m having a bad feeling in my body, it might take me a while to recall the cause.
When I’m in love, I might need to memorize the person (ah well.. maybe we can conclude
I’ve never been madly in love haha). Of course I’m saying this slightly exaggerated, but my mind
does work this way.

With my medical science background, I can imagine bad memory has something to do with
neurotransmitter transfer, memory storage or that’s it’s somehow genetically determined.
However, I believe it’s also a result of my philosophy- the way I’m facing life. I don’t like to look back, and I rarely do so. Neither do I try to look in the future, but this comes a bit harder for me.
I’m the kinda person closer to be anxious about the future, than depressed by the past.
I have learned to be present though, and to go with the flow. The balance between
‘letting go’ and ‘go with the flow’ is quite interesting, and I will try write an article on it soon.
Probably when I’m enjoying Portugal (only two more weeks to go!!).

Anyway, we know the importance of accepting certain things, and try to let go of it. It might be associated with forgetting things. That makes me wonder.. Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of having a bad memory- maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe we must embrace our ability to forget things!
I know I’m going from pillar to post here, but I think you get my point.

“One of the keys to happiness,
is bad memory”


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