You Are Where You Need to be


tao of sophia211


I always choose quotes which are based on my own, current experiences. Might be a friend dealing with something related to it – or just as a reminder to myself.

The last days I suddenly found myself doubting about the point I’m at in my life this moment. A lot of questions were running through my head such as “am I developing myself enough? Shouldn’t I already live in a much bigger house? Maybe with a boyfriend?”. It’s not bad to wonder about these kind of things, but it felt strange for me. I wasn’t used to this kind of doubting anymore. The past year I always believed things are the way they are supposed to be. That I’m exactly at the point where I am supposed to be.

Anyway, I just got started reading Tao of Pooh (by Benjamin Hoff) again. It immediately creates peace in my mind.


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